How to become a cam girl ?

Privacy is very important to most of the webcam models. Some of the reasons for wanting to keep your identity secret is to prevent creepy stalkers from finding you. Other concerns include keeping it secret from certain friends and family members along with other people that might know you. Luckily, there are some tools that all the adult sites offer to help protect your privacy.

Never Use Your Real Name When Performing

Before you register for a camming site and start performing just like sexe webcam, you’ll want to create a stage-name to use. This is going to be your adult industry identity and you’re going to use it on any networks you register for, any social media accounts you create and so-on. Make sure it’s a sexy name and something you like, as you’re going to be using it a lot. Visit

Take advantage of regional blocking features

Pretty much every camming site or adult network gives you the option of blocking specific regions. If you’re in the United States for instance, you can usually block specific states, otherwise it’s usually the entire country. It’s a good idea to block the place you’re from to keep friends, family or acquaintances from seeing you perform. You never know who’s browsing camming sites and it can save you from surprises.

Make sure the place you perform at is interruption free

If you’re camming at your house, you want to do it in a way and during times when you won’t be interrupted by people stopping by. Just imagine if someone just walked into your room in the middle of a performance. Not only would this be a very embarrassing scenario, but whoever interrupts you will find out about your secret profession. This could lead it to being revealed to other people you know.

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